Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Every time I post I promise that I will have models coming, that would be the case if real life wasn't a factor. As such my hobby time has been non existent the past few months, elective and resits, plus catching up on all the other work now, doesn't leave much time for anything else.

I am however (painfully slowly) becoming more and more aware of how I can change my time management to maximise the time I do have spare. This will (hopefully) give me time to spend on the hobby, in particular painting and completing some models(finally).

The plan is to tackle something different from power armour and give the Saurus a lick of paint over the next few days, shouldn't be too hard, but these things always take longer than you plan for them.

As an aside, I feel I am going to take blogging differently from my initial idea. A good friend from university also has a blog but its for photography, they post in terms of a diary, getting things of their chest, an idea I want to take on board and use. A repository for thoughts...

Until next time