Friday, 27 April 2012

Words, not pictures

It has been far too long since I last posted in this blog, everything else creeps up, it will never go away. The hobby is an escape mechanism, and sometimes its too good,  but that is a rant for another day. Needless to say I love the hobby, particularly the imaginative processes that it propagates.

For the past year or so these seedlings of imagination have grown in the form of a Space Marine/ Grey Knight(Henchman) force, and an Empire army. The 40k project involves a fleet of refugees from the Tyranid tendril fleet, and the pace Marines sworn to protect them. The Empire army will take the form of an assortment of cut-throats and mercenaries, not limited to Men, but Dwarfs and Ogres etc. 

Such is my nature, and that of my free time, I have far more background and story to these models and armies than I do models in progress, although it is a balance I am working steadily towards equalising. Although the rate is very slow it has not showed any signs of stopping. 

Life is going to change again, starting work in August, but with my own place, the pace of production should pick up again.

Anyway enough mindless musings! Progress on the Brunwasser Bar-Stewards will be up by the start o the week, and whilst most of them may still be black and grey, paint is going on!

Thanks to any of you who managed through this jungle of musings!

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Year Ahead

Seeing as everyone is doing one of these, I thought it'd be est to get my plans written down. I need to keep things very simple, I mean ridiculously simple. I get distracted way too easily. But for the next few months things will hopefully be different.

Unfortunately my fiancee is away for 2 months for work, its a pain, but I'll use it as an advantage to focus on imporving time management. Secondly,the Xbox is tucked away, so no distractions there, but no Skyrim to get lost in, or Gears or COD for a quick fix... c'est la vie, it was getting in the road. Thirdly, and very importantly, I only have one army to work on with me, with which to focus my efforts upon, all the rest are stored at home for the final 5 months of uni. Lastly, a non hobby New Years Resolution, work during the week, get the work done ASAP, so the weekends and down time can be fully utilised, and properly free of guilty thoughts of work not done.

SO! There is only one plan for 2012, but it can be broken down to many varying pieces.

1. Complete 1,500 points of a Warhammer Empire army.

This is broken down to the following points:

1. Use the models to tell a story(more on this in the next post), essentially each unit will have a back story, with the back story in several cases focussing on different models, and convert the models to partially tell this story in many ways.

2. Improve painting skills, especially faces.

3. Use this armies progress to improve the quality of the blog and frequency of blog posts.

3 and a half. Improve the quality of the photographs of models that I take. I'll give this a go at the weekend to show the current state of the army.

That is all I can think of just now, although there are many more minor factors.

The army in a nutshell is the amalgamation of a Trantian(a Tilean city) army in the employment of the Marienburg merchant elite. More on that later...