Saturday, 23 July 2011

Goal for June 2012

I do not have a completed army, I barely have a completed unit. As a result I am setting a goal to have at least a 1,500 point army for each 40k and Fantasy by the time I finish university next year. The plan is to have the Honoured Sons and Lizardmen, mentioned in the first post, completed to this level.

The only 2 models I have at a comfortable level of painting, the bases require work however.

There is no proper excuse as to why I have not completed any units or even models to a level I am completely happy with. There is always the "too little time" line, and it is a pretty shoddy excuse when a shocking amount of time is spent lurking on the likes of Warseer and Dakka, especially around exam time!

This goal setting is to prioritise my hobby time in order to get proper results rather than doing a little bit of everything. There will, no doubt, be sporadic posts of unrelated models. The next few posts will be an introduction to the two armies, first I need to take some pictures!

Heroes of Armageddon

The Heroes of Armageddon project has been going on over the past 3 and a half months and comes to a close tonight in time for Games Day Chicago next week, and it has really struck a chord with me.  I cannot begin to explain how impressive I find this project, the time scale, the awesome armies, the huge community effort, it really is a testament to the brilliant attitude of gamers.

In my opinion it is possibly the best choice of charity for such a worldwide group effort. Doctors Without Borders, otherwise known as Medecins San Frontieres(MSF), has been running for around 40 years and there are not many places that it has not worked. Due to the nature of my course, I have had the opportunity to speak to the inspirational doctors and nurses who are active members of MSF, and who spend up to 6 months every year abroad making a difference in umpteen countries with the charity. What sets MSF apart from similar charities is the fact that they do not have a political agenda, their primarily goal is to save lives and make a difference in countries without the health care us Westerners are used to, some that are undergoing acute crises, much like the droughts in Africa right now. This singular drive to help people regardless of the other factors involved often means MSF works alone in areas other organisations won't go near. This means that not only are the men and women that volunteer to work with the charity are working long hours possibly undertaking very complicated procedures, they are doing so in very unstable and dangerous areas. I cannot begin to imagine what this work would be like, I have heard many stories, both amazing and terrifying, and I realise that the money donated to this charity makes a difference, and will go where it is needed.

The armies speak for themselves, Doctors Without Borders requires some explanation however and I hope I have helped. Every couple of bucks will make a difference.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Start

Welcome. I am a final year university student and a wargamer, and  the purpose of this blog is to share the wargaming projects that I am working on, and also for sharing thoughts on the hobby as a whole. The focus of my hobby is Citadels Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer lines. I aim to create armies themed around specific locations and fragments of background from these fictional universes. 

In 40k my main focus just now is my Space Marine army, the Honoured Sons, and in terms of Fantasy, The Lizardmen are the army I am trying to focus on. That being said, I am very likely to jump from project to project, which I hope this blog will help prevent!

This is my first foray into blogging, however there are very useful resources available online to help wargamers interested in blogging, in particular the blog-fu series from Miniature Tradecraft and there is a infrequent series on   From The Warp, both sources are extremely useful. 

I am thoroughly looking forward to sharing my hobby work and hope to help inspire other gamers.