Saturday, 23 July 2011

Goal for June 2012

I do not have a completed army, I barely have a completed unit. As a result I am setting a goal to have at least a 1,500 point army for each 40k and Fantasy by the time I finish university next year. The plan is to have the Honoured Sons and Lizardmen, mentioned in the first post, completed to this level.

The only 2 models I have at a comfortable level of painting, the bases require work however.

There is no proper excuse as to why I have not completed any units or even models to a level I am completely happy with. There is always the "too little time" line, and it is a pretty shoddy excuse when a shocking amount of time is spent lurking on the likes of Warseer and Dakka, especially around exam time!

This goal setting is to prioritise my hobby time in order to get proper results rather than doing a little bit of everything. There will, no doubt, be sporadic posts of unrelated models. The next few posts will be an introduction to the two armies, first I need to take some pictures!

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